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Thank you for your interest in the life affirming Mission of OSF HealthCare, "serving all people with the greatest care and love." OSF Healthcare Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to have helped thousands of individuals  fulfill their philanthropic goals through a charitable gift. How may we serve you?

As you consider your legacy and what you would like to accomplish, we count it a privilege to offer Legacy of Hope as a resource to help you create and meet your goals. A planned gift is as individual as the person making that gift. OSF HealthCare Foundation treats every legacy gift decision with confidentiality and honors the sacred trust in which that decision was made. We would be happy to have a confidential conversation with you to answer any questions.

The OSF Foundation office closest to you is always available to answer your questions. Please note the information offered on our website is intended to provide general gift planning information and should not be considered as legal, investment or tax advice.  It is our hope this information will help to facilitate a meaningful conversation with your attorney or financial advisor as you develop your estate plans. OSF encourages all of our donors to consult with their financial or legal advisor before making any gift.